ADS-B Transmitter

Portable ADS-B Transmitter for General Aviation, UAV and Drones ADSBPGA

ADSBPGA is a portable ADS-B transmitter, so doesn’t need any certification.

Lab ADS-B Transmitter ADSBMiNi

ADS-B transmitter used to test ADS-B receiver, do ADS-B demo and test ADS-B functions on drones.

Vehicle ADS-B transmitter ADSBVT

For airport surface movement surveillance, vehicle is sometimes a risk for aircraft. ADSBVT is an ADS-B transmitter used on airport vehicles.

micro ADS-B transmitter

Micro ADS-B transmitter used on UAV, drones, vehicles or in lab test.

Portable UAT Transmitter

UATPGA is a portable UAT ADS-B transmitter.

The smallest ADS-B transceivers TR-1W

TR-1W belongs to the class of the smallest ADS-B transceivers.

The smallest ADS-B transceivers TR-1F

TR-­1F belongs to the generation of the smallest transceivers.

The smallest ADS-B transceivers TR-1A

TR-1A belongs to the second generation of the smallest ADS-B transceivers.

VT-2000 Mode-S Transponder Class 1

VT-2000 is a modern Mode-S/ADS-B Transponder.