Lab ADS-B Transmitter ADSBMiNi

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1. Introduction

When we want to do some ADS-B lab test, such as test our own developed ADS-B receiver, do some ADS-B demo, test ADS-B functions on drones, we always need an ADS-B transmitter. However, all the ADS-B transmitters on market are actually a Mode-S transponder with ADS-B OUT function. These transponders are designed to be installed on aircraft. So it needs some very complicated configurations. It’s OK when you really install it on aircraft, because you already have all the conditions on aircraft that can make these transponders work. But when you want to make it work at lab or on a drone, it becomes very difficult, because you technically need to rebuild the whole environment on aircraft. Also, these standard transponders have very high output power, around 250W, which is very bad for your health if you make it work at lab. ADSBMiNi is a low power, easy to operate ADS-B transmitter specifically designed for lab test or small area drones test applications. It can work independently without any other accessories.

2. Specification

Ø  Transmitter frequency: 1090MHz

Ø  Comply with DO-260B

Ø  Transmitter power: <1W

Ø  Transmitter range: 500m

Ø  Transmitter message format: DF17

Ø  Power supply: 5V USB, can use Charge Pal

Ø  Size: 95*65*27mm

Ø  Antenna connector: SMA

Ø  Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Ø  Storage temperature: -55℃~+70℃

Ø  Application: lab test, small area drone test

3. Operation

There’re two antenna connectors to connect with ADS-B antenna and GPS antenna. Power supply with USB, the ADSBMiNi can work. Very easy to operate.

There’re several indicate lights.

White light: Indicate power. Light is on when power on.

Green light: Indicate GPS. Blink means no GPS. No blink means GPS OK.

Blue light: Indicate transmitting ADS-B. After green light is on without blink, blue light blink means transmitting ADS-B.

Other lights: Reserved for future applications.

4. Box contains

Ø  ADSBMiNi Transmitter

Ø  ADS-B antenna

Ø  GPS antenna

Ø  USB cable

5. Customization

We’re willing to do customization for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide your requirement. We’re happy to hear from you.