ADS-B Ground Station

ADS-B Receiver ATA1090

ATA1090 is a high performance and portable ADS-B receiver.

19" ADS-B Ground Station

DFN100b is a professional 19" 1 height unit case for rack installation ADS-B ground station.

Portable ADS-B Receiver

ADSBRADAR is a professional receiver specially designed for receiving ADS-B signal.

Off-shore ADS-B Ground Receiver

GAE200W is a professional receiver specially designed for off-shore use.

UAT Receiver MiniUAT

MiniUAT is a portable ADS-B UAT ground receiver.

SBS-3 ADS-B / AIS / Marine band / Air bands (VHF and UHF)

Multi-Device - Multi-Band - Multi Channel Software Defined Radio Receiver / Decoder.

ADS-B Receiver AirNav RadarBox

AirNav Radarbox is a "virtual radar" system. The aerial receives Mode-S and ADS-B signals transmitted by aircraft.

ADS-B Receiver Radarcape

As an ADS-B receiver with outstanding features, the Radarcape meets all the requirements of a modern "stand-alone" and "plug and play" device.

978/1090 ADS-B Receiver

pingStation 3 receives both ADS-B frequencies (978MHz UAT and 1090MHz) simultaneously with a single installation when most competitors are single-frequency.

ADS-B Receiving Systems for Industrial Applications

PlaneTRack ADS-B receivers are available as professional rack inserts. We offer standard 19″ 2U inserts for existing or new racks.