VT-2000 Mode-S Transponder Class 1

VT-2000 is a modern Mode-S/ADS-B Transponder in 6.25" rack format. It can be installed as a direct replacement for the popular Bendix-king KT76 / KT76A/C series of transponders without any changes to pre-existent wiring and mounting trays. The integrated keyboard makes VT-2000 the most easy to use and operate transponder we know of: Squawks are entered amazingly fast and easy.
VT-2000 can be simply installed as a 1:1 retrofit replacement for KT-76 or KT-76A/C Transponders. A special mounting tray is available for new installations. You can either use the integrated internal altitude encoder (alticoder) or connect VT-2000 to any kind of existent alticoder in your aircraft (parallel and serial).
Ergonomic Operation
Keyboard based input requires significantly less operation time than other solutions. You can directly enter a Squawk given by ATC without writing it down. Changing mode or using the IDENT function is just as easy as pushing a button.
Use ADS-B today
VT-2000 is capable of sending out ADS-B data (non-certified SIL=0/SDA=0) without modifications. ADS-B data can already be utilized by many collision warning systems. The only thing required is the connection of a normal NMEA RS232 GPS-source which is available in nearly any aircraft.
All advantages at a glance
  • True retrofit. Installation without adaptor and modification of exsiting wiring harness. Just slide in into existing mounting frame of your KT-76 oder KT-76A / KT-76C.
  • Stunning transflective color TFT Display with big Fonts and good readability
  • illuminated keyboard with ambient light adaption
  • Flexible alticoder options. Internal alticoder and interfaces für external alticoders (serial or parallel)
  • Direct-GPS NMEA Interface for ADS-B, no adapters required, no updates required. Install ADS-B in minutes!
  • Interfaces for future applications (i.e. ADS-B, TIS)
  • Certification base: ETSO-2C112a, ED-73B
  • Output power: min. 220 Watt (Class-1) Level 2es (extended Squitter)
  • Standard 6.25" Instrumenten-rack
  • Compatible zu KT76/a/c
  • Mounting Trays available
  • 2,1" Color TFT-Display
  • Transflektive Display, sunlight readable
  • Automatic ambient light adjustment
  • Integrated alticoder (25ft resolution)
  • Parallel interface
  • Serial interface
  • Input voltage range 10V to 32V DC, no regulators required
  • Power consumption typically ca. 0,25A at 12V, max 0,45A
  • No active cooling required
  • 0,9kg without cable