Portable ADS-B Transmitter for General Aviation, UAV and Drones ADSBPGA

1. Introduction

More and more General Aviation aircrafts and drones require ADS-B function. But most ADS-B transmitters on market require very complicated configuration and even certification procedures. ADSBPGA is a portable ADS-B transmitter, so doesn’t need any certification. ADSBPGA take off the shelf to lower down weight, so UAV or drones can easily carry ADSBPGA, especially for payload sensitive UAV and drones. ADSBPGA can work independently without any other accessories.

2. Specification

Ø  Transmit frequency: 1090MHZ

Ø  Comply with DO-260B

Ø  Transmitter power: 50W

Ø  Transmitter message format: DF17

Ø  Voltage: 8V - 18V

Ø  Currency: 200mA

Ø  Antenna connector: SMAØ  Size: 90 * 56 * 20 mm

Ø  Weight: 120g

Ø  Working temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Ø  Storage temperature: -55℃~+70℃

3. Operation

There’re two antenna connectors to connect with ADS-B antenna and GPS antenna. Power on with a standard battery and the transmitter can work. Very easy to operate.

There’re several indicate lights.

White light: Indicate power. Light is on when power on.

Green light: Indicate GPS. Blink means no GPS. No blink means GPS OK.

Blue light: Indicate transmitting ADS-B. After green light is on without blink, blue light blink means transmitting ADS-B.

4. Box contains

Ø  Transmitter

Ø  ADS-B antenna

Ø  GPS antenna

Ø  Power line

5. Customization

We’re willing to do customization for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide your requirement. We’re happy to hear from you.