ADS-B Receiver Radarcape

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Important features:

  • Professional stand-alone ADS-B receiver
  • Optimized for continuous operation, proven thousandfold, stable and robust
  • No need for extra software, access with any web browser from PC, MAC, tablet and mobile phone. Nearly unlimited devices can access simultaneously.
  • Integrated GPS receiver for ultra-precise time stamps (50 nsec)
  • Integrated webserver with live flight tracking, 2D map, aircraft data table, filter options, fleet watch a.m.m.
  • OpenLayers maps (e.g. ATC-Scope) and Google Maps
  • Performant feeders for FlightRadar24, FlightAware, OpenSky und ADSBx Network
  • Analysis of antenna performance and range, even with development over time
  • MLAT (Multilateration) capability with Jetvision Flight Tracking Network or as commercial application
  • ASTERIX CAT021/CAT021ER Ed. 0.23, Ed. 0.26 & Ed. 2.4, CAT023 and CAT247 with additional license
  • Optional with Antenna Diversity (2CH) and Video Out

Complete list of features and options.

As an ADS-B receiver with outstanding features, the Radarcape meets all the requirements of a modern "stand-alone" and "plug and play" device. A very good input circuit means high sensitivity with good separation sharpness. Without additional PC software, only with a web browser, live flight tracking with map and list presentations can be queried. This even works with iOS or Android on your MAC or tablet. USB and network interfaces provide a variety of options to forward data or send to other networks (feeder, MLAT). Many large flight tracking networks use our Radarcape as a reference device.