Off-shore ADS-B Ground Receiver

1. AOS200W brief introduction

AOS200W is a professional receiver specially designed for off shore use. The receiver decodes the DF17/DF18 and other messages sent by the aircraft through hardware, and outputs the message in cat021 format according to the international standard through the network for direct use or secondary development by users.

GNSS receiver is built in the device, which can provide UTC time and receiver positioning information. AOS200W can be used for ATC surveillance command, surface activity target surveillance, surveillance blind and other applications.


2. Technical specifications

  Input voltage: AC / DC 8 ~ 25V (POE mode);

  Current consumption:

  Working temperature: - 40 ~ + 60 ℃;

  Receiving sensitivity: - 87±3dBm;

  Dynamic range: ≥ 80dB;

  Processing capacity: ≥ 600 messages / sec;

  Treatment delay:

  Support intermittent oscillation message format: DF17 / DF18;

  Analysis output: ICAO address, flight number, longitude and latitude, altitude, speed, heading, lift rate, etc;

  Input port: N type female head;

  Output interface: RJ45 network port;

  Structure size: about 280mmx150mmx50mm.


3. Main indicators of network

Network physical interface: RJ45;

Network speed: 10 / 100Mbps;

Network transmission mode: UDP mode (default 01);




  The default IP address of the receiver is;

  Default gateway:;

  Default subnet mask:;

  Source port: 30004;


  Target IP address:;

  Target port: 30003;


4. output data format

  Output format: Standard cat021;

  Version: v0.26.



1. The decoding output information may not contain all the contents of each message. Please follow CAT021 for details.

2. The pictures included in this document may be different from the actual products. We will not inform you of any change for reference only.