19" ADS-B Ground Station

1  ground receiving station

1.1 ADS-B ground station

DFN100b is a 19 inch rack ADS-B ground receiver that adopts modular structure, which is divided into power module, transceiver module, signal processing module and external interface module. Each module is connected through the bottom plate, which is easy to replace and maintain quickly.

The output data of DFN100b is international standard cat021 data, which can be directly connected to most ATC automation systems as monitoring and command applications.

Overall dimension of ground station host: 438mm×320 mm×44 mm (standard 19 inch cabinet fr-1u, 2kg, without ear).The physical figure is shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2


Provide low-cost and effective surveillance solutions in areas without radar control; High accuracy and high refresh rate; High flexibility monitoring solution not affected by weather;    

Provide airport surface vehicle surveillance capability; Support RTCA do260b standard

Df17 / df18 format analysis, while optional a, C, S mode of receiving and processing capacity;  

Standard 19 inch chassis, modular structure; Support dual hot backup and automatic switch between main and standby computers;  

Analysis output: ICAO 24 bit address, flight number, longitude and latitude, altitude, speed, heading, vertical speed; 





Receiving sensitivity

Better than - 91dbm (without external amplifier)

Receiver dynamic range


RF signal center frequency


RF port

N-type female head

Number of receiving channels

Standard single channel, optional dual channel

Monitoring radius


Receiving and processing performance

Up to 1000 targets per second

Output message format

Cat021 (optional cat033), v0.26

GNSS signal source

GPS / BeiDou and external time synchronization signal interface

Data output interface

RJ45 100M Ethernet (optional HDLC output)

Maintenance port

Support local and remote maintenance

Power supply

AC 220V±10%;DC 24V±20%;50W

Working temperature


Storage temperature






1.2    example of actual environment for antenna installation

DFN100b ground receiving station uses 1.2m omnidirectional FRP rod antenna to provide a monitoring radius of no less than 370km under the condition of unobstructed sight distance.

1.3 ADS-B Composition of ground station equipment

ADS-B ground station package is listed in the following table:

Table 1 ADS-B ground station list

Serial number





ADS-B ground station host


Receiving and processing ADS-B information


Ground station antenna


RF antenna and GPS antenna


Complete set of accessories


RF cable, power line, etc


Monitoring software (option)


Display target, non standard configuration


2 ADS-B flight service platform

ADS-B flight service platform is a professional ADS-B flight service platform developed for air traffic management, monitoring and service. ADS-B flight service platform can access to the standards of ASIC cat021, ASIC cat033, Asterix cat062 and MHT 4008-2000 data specification for coordinated handover between ATC Radar and control center facilities, analyze ADS-B position message and speed message that meet the specification, and extract ADS-B target position, speed, altitude, target address, flight number and other information, And the position of the target is displayed on the map in the form of graphics in real time. The display contents include ADS-B target position, speed, altitude, heading, climb rate, target address and other information. ADS-B flight service platform can be used for air traffic control and service work, and can provide monitoring and warning services for aircraft equipped with ADS-B transmitter.

In addition, ADS-B flight service platform also has complete track information support, basic geographic information support, data recording and playback, flight path query, target annotation, altitude filter, target annotation, map editing and other functions.The operation of ADS-B flight service platform is shown in Figure 4, which can be accessed through