Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor drone

Product description


Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor plant protection drone is a kind of aviation plant protection equipment that is specially used for pesticide spraying operations in Large field and Orchard. The product passed 1000 hours of barrier-free work testing. Can perform spraying tasks for all types of crops. Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor plant protection drone has the characteristics of precise operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, and simple operation.

Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor plant protection drone has fully taken into account the operational requirements of different regions, has been in Liaoning, Beijing, Hebei, Shanxi, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Hainan, Shenzhen and other places, withstood the extremely cold and high temperature environment. The test successfully completed the spraying operation test for food crops and cash crops, and won the unanimous praise from the market and users.

Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor plant protection drone solves many shortcomings in the current traditional agricultural plant protection, improves production efficiency and crop efficiency, and reduces the threshold for excessive use of plant protection drones. Save farmers large-scale machinery and a lot of labor costs while improving production efficiency and crop efficiency.

Intelligent performance outstanding, simple operation, support for autonomous flight, operation plant protection single person can be completed with one key; precise differential technology, so that flight accuracy reaches centimeter level, truly intelligent precision plant protection operation ability; in addition to intelligent precision spray System, comprehensive security protection mechanism, cloud platform management system, FPV camera assist system, platform function expansion, etc.


Product advantages


  • Industrial-grade agricultural flight control, 1000 hours of harsh environment testing, stable, efficient and simple;
  • Integrated body design, the aircraft cabin is fully enclosed, waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, reduce maintenance cycle and extend service life;
  • Modular body design and quick release arm design, special connectors, quick assembly and disassembly, convenient and quick maintenance, greatly improve the field operation efficiency;
  • Arm folded design, easy to field transport and long-distance transportation;
  • Manual, semi-automatic, automatic spray optional, automatic planning of track, spray amplitude can be set to achieve a fixed height, fixed speed, accurate flow of fixed spray, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the Aircraft operator, so that fly defense becomes easier;
  • Paddle nozzle design to increase the penetration of the liquid, the greatest degree of prevention of mist drift, the nozzle can be expanded, spray up to 5 meters;
  • Integrated lightweight design of the battery, the battery is placed underneath, the center of gravity sinks, and the flight is more stable;
  • Through the cloud platform management system can achieve drug liquid flow monitoring, voltage monitoring, GPS position tracking and other functions;
  • Transparent anti-shaking medical kit design, equipped with a three-stage filter system, which can filter debris, large particles, etc., to minimize the clogging of the spray system, and can achieve powder spray function;
  • FPV camera assist system can assist single, complex and dangerous terrain operations;
  • Professional protective protection design ensures maximum protection of the motor and paddle from scratching;
  • Increase background monitoring functions to facilitate team management.

Parameter comparison



Scorpio D-6

Other brands


Six-axis six rotor

Six-axis six rotor





W1860×L1860×H700mm(Arm extension with propeller)

W1860×L700×H700mm(Arm folding)




Stator size:70X12mm

Rotating speed:150rpm/v

Maximum pulling force:9kg/rotor

Endurance power:750w


Waterproof and dustproof:IP34

Brushless Motor

Electronic speed control

Maximum operating current(Sustainable): 80A

Operating Voltage:50.4V(12s LiPo)

The ESC adopts sine wave drive, real-time torque control to eliminate the motor noise, and the torque ripple is small

Quick response


Material: carbon fiber

Diameter & thread pitch:24×8inch


Carbon Fiber

Pesticide Tank




Type: pressure sprayer

Double nozzles

Atomized particle size:80-120μm

Type: Centrifugal Sprinkler

Double nozzles


Spray amplitude



Spray flow

intelligent control,Multi-stage adjustable 0.3~1.5L/min


Spray efficiency



Daily workload



Net weight



Take-off weight



Maximum take-off weight



Power Battery

12s LiPo , 12000mAh One battery

6s LiPo,12000mAh Two batteries

Flying time



Maximum operating speed



Maximum flying speed



Down pressure wind field

4~18 m/s


Wind resistance



Speed control accuracy

±0.4 m/s


Accuracy of relative height control

±0.5 m


Accuracy of relative course yaw distance

±1 m


Heading accuracy



Accuracy of relative position

±1 m


Fuselage life

12 years


Electric machine life



Frequency of battery usage

≥100 times charge and discharge


The useful life of electronic equipment



Operating temperature



Working humidity



The range of relative height

1~500 m

0~30 m

Control distance


0~1000 m

Real time monitor of drone GPS position


The design of pesticide box


The design of Integrated body


The sealed design of Aircraft cabin


The waterproof design of Avionics module


The control of Spray flow


Intelligent stop spraying




Spray with speed


Sprinkler design of under the paddle

Stability design

The battery is placed underneath, the center of gravity sinks, and the flight is more stable

The design of upper battery, and poor stability

Flight mode

Manual mode

Dual point intelligent route planning model

Fully automatic flight mode (irregular route planning, night operation)


One-button take-off and landing


Control mode

Remote control mode

4G control mode (mobile phone)

remote control

Night flight


Intelligent protection

With uncontrolled hover and return

High limit function



Crop spraying, seed spreading, smoke prevention

Tracking shot

Geographical Surveying


FPV Camera System


Alarm function

Pesticide dose reminder

Power off reminder

Low voltage monitoring and alarm


Cloud Platform Management


Landform flight



The design of Radar obstacle avoidance function



RTK differential positioning system




Product List


Equipment list


Scorpio D-6 multi-rotor drone

One frame


A piece of battery


A charger

Charge Manager

A set of charge manager

remote controller

A remote controller

Spare propeller

Pair of spare propeller blades


A filter network


A funnel

Packing box

A complete packing box

Maintenance/Repair Tools

A set of maintenance tools


Training Services


Giving 1-2 people free training for 5-15 days (travel expenses and accommodation expenses)


After sales terms

I.            The warranty period of the main components:i)                   The body, the avionics system, the remote control, the charging manager, the ground station: 1 years of maintenance;ii)                 Power systems (excluding propeller blades), cameras, chargers: 6 months of warranty;iii)               Battery (less than 200 cycles): guarantee for 3 months.iv)               Sprinkler system (except pump part): guarantee for 1 months.v)                 propeller blades: No warranty.II.          Warranty clause:It is suggested that all electronic parts should be replaced by 500 hours of flight.The implementation of free warranty service must meet the following conditions:•            The user must be properly used in the warranty period according to the instructions•            Can not be disassembled without authorization•            Cannot forge or delete security labels or labels such as labels, serial numbers, water marks, etc.•            Need to attach a receipt or proof of purchase, such as a valid order number          The situation that does not belong to the free warranty service:•            The failure caused by the non product itself, but the damage caused by collision, falling, and fire. •            Failure to be installed, dismantled, or unauthorized modification or dismantling in accordance with the instructions of the official instructions•            Damage caused by improper installation or improper use•            Damage caused by random modification or misuse of batteries and chargers•            Failure to fly as directed in the instructions•            Damage caused by operation in bad weather (wind, dust, etc.)•            Operation in the environment of radio wave interference (mine, wireless communication tower, power voltage line, substation, etc.)•            Damage caused by operation in the event of damage to wireless devices (transmitters, video transmitters, Wi-Fi signals, etc.)•            Damage caused by the weight of the aircraft exceeding the safe take-off weight•            Ignore damage to parts and damage caused by forced flight•            Damage caused by the use of unauthorized third party components due to its stability and compatibility problems•            Damage due to low battery or intentional use of a defective batteryIII.              Our company provide warranty service for products and equipment in accordance with the provisions of clause One and Two. If the product equipment maintenance service occurs within three months before the expiration of the warranty period, the company will provide three months of warranty extension for the corresponding parts of the repair. (The warranty extended period is extended for three months from the date of delivery of the maintenance, and the number of extensions is limited to one time, which cannot be repeated).IV.       Maintenance methods:A: If the purchaser’s aircraft can be easily repaired or replaced by an accessory, the relevant parts can be purchased directly from the company.B: If the problem cannot be solved by itself, after filling in the aircraft maintenance application form, the aircraft will be shipped to our company. The company will receive the time required for the equipment to reply to the buyer within 3 days. The general maintenance time will not exceed 20 days, if major repairs are encountered. If the matter is concerned, the maintenance time will be postponed. The company’s specific notice shall prevail. After product and equipment maintenance, the purchaser shall remove the product and equipment at the time and place notified by the company and bear the transportation costs and risks.V.        Our company has the right to decide on the maintenance plan, that is, to     choose maintenance or complete replacement of related parts.VI.     During the warranty period, due to the improper use of the purchaser, which caused the aircraft to malfunction or be damaged, our company provides paid repair services. The materials or accessories involved in the repair are charged at the cost price.VII.   Our company will not assume any responsibility if it is caused by aerial parking or other failures caused by improper operation of the purchaser.VIII.  In addition to the pre-delivery training service, our company provides telephone and video support services. The response time of the service is 24 hours. If the telephone video cannot solve the problem, the buyer must ship the aircraft to the company's designated maintenance site.IX.     The buyer's complaint about product quality, the company promised to give a reply within 24 hours, and determine the treatment measures according to the complaint.Product Image