plant protection UAV


  1. safety.

3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV can protect farmers from poisoning and heat stroke, and spray liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides on farmland.

  1. high efficiency.

It can spray 50-100 acres a day, 30 times the traditional backpack sprayer.

  1. environmental protection.

The fixed position and direction method can greatly reduce the soil and water pollution.

  1. reduce waste.

High atomization can save 30% of pesticides, as chemical fog can be sprayed on all levels of the crop.

  1. water saving.

Compared with the traditional spraying method, 90% water can be saved. This can be achieved by using the ultra small volume spraying technology.

  1. reduce costs.

Compared with the traditional spraying method, the cost is reduced by 97%.

  1. wide range of applications.

It won’t be affected by terrain and crop height, with ergonomic and innovative remote control, which can easily manage low altitude flight and will not damage crops.

  1. easy to use and maintain.

The UAV has long service life, low maintenance cost and easy replacement of its parts as required.



  1. Efficient

The 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV has longer UAV width and bigger spraying span. It can spray more land at the same time.

  1. Effective.

Because each nozzle of the 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV is below the UAV propeller, pesticide fog can be sprayed directly onto all levels of the crop.

This is possible due to the strong airflow generated by the propeller, so each nozzle is very effective.

  1. Easy to operate.

The 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV is equipped with a specially designed pesticide spraying method. Even beginners can operate spray drones very easily and efficiently.

The single finger can operate the UAV forward and backward at a specified speed while maintaining the same altitude and trajectory.

  1. Easy to transport.

The 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV has umbrella shaped folding frame, so folding and transportation are very convenient.

  1. Continuous work.

Because of the four axis, the 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV agricultural sprayer can work continuously, and the workload is evenly distributed, so that the motor can easily undertake the workload. As the cooling time of the motor is avoided, a lot of time can be saved.

  1. Quality control.

Before delivery, each UAV must be 100% tested and must pass strict quality control tests to ensure that it meets the highest standards of performance and durability.

  1. Neat design.

The 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV uses a special terminal block to assemble the motor and ESC to ensure that the internal wires are arranged neatly.

  1. Easy to maintain and repair.

The 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV always uses high quality components. Because parts are interchangeable, maintenance costs are very low.



Parameters of 3WWDZX4-15B plant protection UAV

No load takeoff weight


full load takeoff weight


No load endurance time

23 minutes

working endurance time




folding mode

folding down

water output

0.5-3l/min (adjustable)

Folding aircraft size

550mm * 550mm * 500mm

the maximum flight speed

2-10M / S (adjustable)

spraying width

2-6m (adjustable)


12S 22000MA

battery charging time

30 minutes

Drug cut off treatment mode

rotary stop / automatic return

operation mode

GPS / manual / AB point mode / full autonomous mode

Configuration mode

Standard / high configuration / RTK version



Operation area of one set battery

15-20Mu (10000-13333 ㎡)


night lighting camera


pressure nozzle imported from USA / centrifugal optional

number of nozzles

8 pressure nozzles / 2 centrifugal nozzles

Application scope

mainly used in rice, wheat, soybean and other low、 density crops.