Satellite Based ADS-B tester

ADS-B signal generator to test space based ADS-B receiver on satellite.


  1. Generate 2 channels of 1090mhz RF signal: CW or ADS-B signal, the maximum frequency offset of RF signal: ± 150kHz; Power output range: - 110dbm ~ + 15dBm
  2. Generate 2 channels of 10MHz IF signal: CW or ADS-B signal, the maximum frequency offset of IF signal: ± 150kHz; Power output range: - 50 ~ - 10dBm
  3. Receive df17 data from ADS-B receiver, return channel: serial port (921.6kbps), can (1Mbps), LAN;
  4. Analyze the data file of SD card or the data command sent through LAN according to the given time (precision is us), given power (- 110 ~ 15dBm note 1), given frequency offset( ± The given 11 byte df17 data (ADS-B message) is CRC checked and sent out after PPM modulation;
  5. The same ADS-B message is automatically transmitted repeatedly, and the automatic transmission interval is 1 ms or 1 / 8 ms;
  6. Automatically test the message receiving success rate of ADS-B receiver;
  7. GNSS second pulse generated internally or input externally is used for synchronization to form multiple stations for assistance; The second pulse can be used to test the local clock and automatically correct the RF frequency. The frequency error after correction is within 2Hz (within 100Hz before correction).


  1. Satellite altitude can be set (200km ~ 1200km)
  2. The number of generated beams is 1 ~ 4
  3. How many ADS-B data can each beam generate for 250 aircraft at most;
  4. The flight path can be set as straight line (circle) route and circle route;
  5. The aircraft flight mode can be set to take-off, cruise and landing modes;
  6. At the same time, the real-time position, speed, altitude and other related information of the aircraft are displayed;
  7. The hardware can be controlled directly through LAN;
  8. When the data is generated, the corresponding data can be sent to the hardware part in real time for transmission;
  9. With the hardware part, it is convenient to test the receiving sensitivity of ADS-B receiver;
  10. It can generate data file for hardware to read from SD card and transmit.