ACARS Generator ACARS Simulator ACARS Emulator ACARSator

1. Introduction

ACARSator is a low power ACARS signal Generator/Simulator/Emulator, can generate simulated ACARS signal. ACARSator can emulate 1-1000 aircrafts transmitting ACARS signal.ACARSator includes hardware equipment and PC software. Hardware equipment is a specially designed ACARS transmitter, can operate according to PC software configuration to generate multi target and multi message ACARS signal.Figure 1 ACARSator HardwareFigure 2 Configuration Software Figure 3 simulated result (500 aircrafts)

2. Specification

Ø  Voltage: 5VDC

Ø  Current:

Ø  Working Temperature: 0 ~ +50℃

Ø  Transmit power: 10±3dBm

Ø  Simulated targets: 1-1000

Ø  Processing ability: ≧1500 messages per second

Ø  Processing delay:

Ø  Antenna connector: SMA Female

Ø  Input interface: USB/RS232

Ø  Size: 80mm x 50mm x 25mm

3. Customization

We’re willing to do customization for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and provide your requirement. We’re happy to hear from you.