ADS-B receiver module GNS5894T

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The GNS5894T ADS-B receiver module is the first choice for avionic applications that require high sensitivity and maximum reception range . The module is ideally suited for ADS-B feeding and other similar demanding applications. Industry leading reception sensitivity of up to -95 dBm, precise MLAT support and an unmatched power consumption of 70 mA make the GNS5894T the first choice for state of the art systems. The unique RF and amplifier design along with optimized firmware realize an up to ten times higher frame rate and double range than software defined radio (SDR) ADS-B solutions at only slightly higher cost.

GNS5894T is a high performance ADS-B module in a very tiny formfactor. Thanks to it´s intelligent firmware the GNS 5894T has no so called Doughnut effect. GNS 5894T is able to receive near field and long range messages with a very high framerate. Also it has precise MLAT capability by using an external GPS source. GNS 5894T is a low power module and very price attractive. GNS5894T is optimized for feeding ADS-B data into Web or Cloud based applications.