ADS-B receiver module GNS5892R

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The GNS5892R ADS-B receiver module is the solution of choice for a multitude of avionic applications. The module is successfully implemented in numerous avionic use cases like In Flight Entertainment (IFE) systems, smart unit load devices (ULD) or mobile pilot information systems.

A power consumption of only 40mA makes the GNS5892R module the ideal solution for power crtitical battery based systems. The sophisticated RF and amplifier design of the GNS5892R prevents the so called doughnut effect known from other ADS-B receivers. It is possbile to receive ADS-B data seamlessly from very close to far away aircraft with no blind spots in-between.

GNS 5892R is very cost effective. 

The GNS 5892R Receiver is a low cost, low power ADS-B module.

  • made in Germany
  • cost efficient matching
  • no Doughnut effect
  • selectable filter Mode-S / ADS-B / CRC-OK
The GNS5832R is optimized for mid range reception of ADS-B data. For example it can be used in cabins, on Windmills for switching on/off positioning lights, on Airports Information Displays etc…