ADS-B and Mode A/C receiver GNS–5894TAC

The GNS 5894 TAC is an optimal receiver for secondary surveillance radar (1090MHz), which receives Mode-S and Mode-A/C frames simultaneously and outputs an absolute GNSS-based time stamp (with external GNSS receiver connected) and an RSSI- field-strength indicator for each received data frame.
The module integrates a sensitive RF frontend, signal processing, a high speed data decoder and an output UART that can be easily connected to a host processor.
GNS 5894 TAC features a DSP-based hybrid reception algorithm that eliminates the so called “doughnut effect”.

Thanks to the high-precision time stamps that are added to each received Mode S / ADS-B frame, the GNS 5894 TAC can be used as feeder for a Multilateration (MLAT) server.